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File Date Author Commit
 results 2002-08-15 John Levon John Levon [3a56f5] compare 2e-per-cacheline results
 stress 2002-07-21 John Levon John Levon [93d633]
 testsuite 2006-10-23 William Cohen William Cohen [f931c6] Ignore the files generated by runtest.
 understanding 2002-05-01 John Levon John Levon [05ca8c] sorry phil
 ChangeLog 2006-10-23 William Cohen William Cohen [7e5c90] New testsuite addition.
 Makefile 2001-10-13 John Levon John Levon [ff13df] initial import
 README 2002-01-09 John Levon John Levon [107af9] add some results ! 2005-08-04 Philippe Elie Philippe Elie [c0ad41] psyco is really usefull with this script 2006-11-18 John Levon John Levon [e50284] update
 op_report 2002-01-29 John Levon John Levon [8c28c9]
 pp_interface 2004-01-18 Philippe Elie Philippe Elie [d7f07c] pp_interface: fixup all samples filename exampl...

Read Me

This is currently just a placeholder. It will contain
some tests for the post-profiling code to check for regressions
and test to easier understand how work some part of the profiler

Ideas on how to set up the testing harness are welcome.


The directory understanding contains test not intended to be run
automatically but rather to provide an easier way to understand
some sub-part of the profiler.