Hello Everyone

I have Ubuntu 9.10 installed in my Virtual Box running in Windows 7. Recently I compiled and installed Oprofile 0.9.6 in my Ubuntu according to the steps mentioned in the manual. I started opcontrol with vmlinux and stopped it after some time and tried to generate the opreport it always gives me a error 

root@lapsys:~# opreport
error: no sample files found: profile specification too strict ?

I also did see all possibilities why opreport may or may not generate any data from the website manual and tried all possible workarounds but none worked. I tried installing Suse 11.2 in Virtual Box and tried opreport, but it gave the same error. But at the same time when I installed a standalone Suse 11.2 and tried with opreport, all things worked smoothly and fine. 

Is there any problem of Oprofile or rather opreport working inside a Linux OS which is sitting over VirtualBox ?? Any kind of help much appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

Soumya Kanti Chakraborty