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If you set (this is from memory) CONFIG_OPROFILE=[m], then you are using the oprofile.ko, i.e. the oprofile driver. In any case let's assume you are using the driver .... actually if you do an "lsmod" you can see whether oprofile is listed ... this means you are using the driver. I think the reason why you are in "timer inerrupt" mode (the least common denominator, i.e. the "dumbest" mode) and not "event" mode, is that when the driver is initialized by calling oprofile_ach_init this function fails and so dumbs down to "timer interrupt". The driver is in drivers/oprofile. The mips specific init code somewhere under arch/mips/. As far as collecting samples, you might have to do a "opcontrol --dump" in order to save samples. If a certain time has expired then the oprofile daemon will write out samples but before that you must do "opcontrol --dump". Reference http://oprofile.sourceforge.net/doc/ html pages.

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 I am profiling an application on MIPS board (600MHz, linux-2.6.11, glibc) in "timer interrupt" mode;haven't figured out why it doen't support "event mode".
Oprofile runs for 277 seconds and the opreport shows a total count of 139371 samples.  The default HZ for 2.6.11 kernel is 1000. So in 277 seconds should it not have generated 277000 samples? Can someone please explain why the remaining timer interrupts didn't collect samples?
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