I could compile opreport on cygwin and it's working great for me !
So i now have opreport working on Windows. :)

Thanks for your inputs,

On Tue, Jun 2, 2009 at 2:04 PM, William Cohen <wcohen@redhat.com> wrote:
Radhika Karandikar wrote:
>> HI,
>> As part of my college project, I am using Oprofile.
>> But I want to compile opreport on windows.
>> Could you please help me to do this? I do not have much experience in
>> building linux programs for windows so I was wondering where to start at.
>> Your help would be highly appreciated.
>> Thank you,
>> Radhika

Hi Radhika,

Why not just log into the machine that the data is collected on and use oprofile
there? Using an embedded machine to collect data?  It would probably be easier
to find a linux machine to run the analysis on than trying to compile the
oprofile user space for Microsoft Windows.

If you Windows machine that support virtualization, you could use a live cd
image to run a linux instance, install the oprofile package, and do the analysis

If you do decide to build oprofile userspace on the Microsoft windows machine
you might use something like djpp to give an environment the package can be
built in. There are a number of things required to build oprofile. You can get
an idea of the packages needed from the "BuildRequires:" in the oprofile.spec
file in the oprofile srpm:


I have no idea if things like automake and autoconf are going to be available on
Microsoft Windows machine.