Now I use oprofile for some analysis, I want to see some function level result, but there is maybe something wrong
It is my step:     (the target is android, the host is ubuntu)
execute on the target
1. #echo 0> /data/vmlinux
2. #grep "_text" /proc/ kallsyms
3. #grep "_etext" /proc/kallsyms
4. #opcontrol --quick  --verbose --callgraph=5 --vmlinux=/data/vmlinux --kernel-range=0xc0100000,0xc05ceea3
5. #opcontrol --start
    open a video by gallery on android
6. #opcontrol --stop
7. #opcontrol --dump
execute on the host
1. $adb pull /data/oprofile (get the sample from the android)
2. $opreport --callgraph --session-dir=(the sample file path) --image-path=(the lib file path) >report.callgraph.txt
3. $opreport --details --session-dir=(the sample file path) --image-path=(the lib file path) >report.details.txt
the report.callgraph.txt show :
samples     %                   app name             symbol name
602720     100                  vmlinux                 /boot/vmlinux
602720     100                  vmlinux                 /boot/vmlinux  [self]
the report.details.txt show:
     vma                  samples         %                   symbol name
00000000               602720        100                 /boot/vmlinux
000015e7                  22           0.0037
004ce0e7                    4           6.6e-04
So could you give me some advice for the function analysis?