While we are trying applying oProfile in our Linux system on board, which is kernel 2.6.5 and the processor is PowerPC 440, we met a strange problem that all timer samples come from kernel space (above 0xc0000000). All timer samples in an oProfile session, no matter they are from any applications such as 'hello_world' or 'ls' or 'find', are out of addresses above 0xc0000000.

We found PowerPC 440 is still not officially supported by oProfile, so we can get only timer instead of hardware event. But according to oProfile manual, we cannot do any configration for oProfile in timer mode. We do not have unitmask for timer mode either, so we cannot set any filter for samples from kernel/user mode, just as unitmask in event mode to set sample filter.

We are hoping to get user mode samples for profile analysis. Only kernel mode timer is not enough. Is there any other locations we should do but we missed for timer mode configuration? If there is any filter for address space, we have to remove it, but we do not know. Anyone can point out where the root cause possibly lies? The kernel is not compiled by our team so that I do not know very clear about its config. Thank you very much.

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