Thanks for the bug report.   We had not seen this one on our 1.4.2 JVM.  
I just downloaded the same JVM and I get a nearly identical failure.   We
will be sure to fix this before we put out the next version of the patch next
week.  Thanks again for the information.


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> Hi,

>     I am trying to use this patch. I use SUN JDK-1.5.0_02. I use
> Linux kernel 2.6.8. I successfully compiled oprofile and the opjan
> library. I used a simple 'Hello World' program with this library as
> specified in this mail. I get following error. I have attached the
> log file too. Any help appreciated.

> Thanks,
> Reeja
> #
> # An unexpected error has been detected by HotSpot Virtual Machine:
> #
> # SIGSEGV (0xb) at pc=0x400b1f73, pid=31378, tid=1075191936
> #
> # Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (1.5.0_02-b09 mixed mode, sharing)
> # Problematic frame:
> # C [] strlen+0x33
> #
> # An error report file with more information is saved as hs_err_pid31378.log
> #
> # If you would like to submit a bug report, please visit:
> #
> #
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> Subject: RE: oprofile and jitted code -- proposal 1

> This patch adds two new functions to OProfile.  First, it adds the ability
> to resolve addresses in anonymous processes, by integrating
> into OProfile.  This builds upon the patch previously provided by Will
> Cohen.  Second, it provides a Java profiler,, which resolves
> the names of Java jitted methods, when combined with the first feature.
> This implements the following proposal on the oprofile-list:
> This patch changes and uses libtool to build and
>  Therefore, after applying the patch, you must execute 4
> libtoolize to initialize libtool, then you must execute ./ to
> rebuild the configure script.  Finally, you can execute configure, make,
> and make install to complete the installation of the patch.  The
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable must include the directory to which
> these shared objects are installed.
> The new optional OProfile configure option, --enable-opjan, enables the
> building of, which is used with Java to provide "OProfile Java
> Address-to-Name" support.
> A compatible level of jvmpi.h (IBM or Sun 1.3 or above) must be copied to
> the libopjan directory before can be successfully built.  The
> new configure script will copy this file from $JDKDIR/include if the JDKDIR
> environment variable has been set to the directory of the active JDK.
> Note that is built using libtool, the presence of which is
> tested at configure time.
> To invoke opjan support, the -Xrunopjan parameter must be specified when
> you start Java.  For example:
>         java -Xrunopjan sample
> will resolve Java methods when running sample.class.
> This patch should be applied to version 0.8.1 of OProfile.
> Scott T Jones
> WBI Performance II
> IBM Corp, Austin, TX
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