Hi All,

I am trying to run oprofile on an embedded arm platform, the details are as follows:
Kernel Version:                 2.6.17 (it has been customised)
OProfile version:         0.9.4
Target Toolchain:         arm-xscale-linux-gnu

The commands I am using to run oprofile are as follows:
(Note: Italics indicates output / from oprofiled / opreport)

Configure / start oprofile:
ash opcontrol --init
using arm/xscale2
ash opcontrol --no-vmlinux --image=/mnt/spa-terminal-test-stripped --event=CPU_CYCLES:10000:0:1:1
Using 2.6+ OProfile kernel interface.
Using log file /mnt/samples/oprofiled.log
Daemon started.
Profiler running.
ash opcontrol --start
Profiler running.

Run my program

Stop / Shutdown oprofile:
ash opcontrol --stop
ash opcontrol --dump
ash opcontrol --shutdown

Running opreport gives the following errors
opreport --accumulated --callgraph --debug-info --symbols
        Error: header.magic = [80 80 80 80], OPD_MAGIC = DAE

opreport error: Invalid sample file, bad magic number:

(Note: I added some extra code to display the expected magic number and the values held in header.magic)

Further inspection revealed that the input file (CPU_CYCLES.10000.0.all.all.all) is filled with NULLs

The file: oprofiled.log contains the following:
oprofiled started Thu Aug  6 17:00:50 2009
kernel pointer size: 4
oprofiled: open of /mnt/samples//current/{root}//mnt/spa-terminal-test-stripped/CPU_CYCLES.10000.0.all.all.all failed: Invalid argument
oprofiled: open of /mnt/samples//current/{root}//mnt/spa-terminal-test-stripped/CPU_CYCLES.10000.0.all.all.all failed: Invalid argument
// --------------
Repeats for most of the file, followed by....
// ---------------
Thu Aug  6 17:04:43 2009

Nr. sample dumps: 41
Nr. non-backtrace samples: 1245235
Nr. kernel samples: 1025437
Nr. lost samples (no kernel/user): 0
Nr. lost kernel samples: 0
Nr. incomplete code structs: 6
Nr. samples lost due to sample file open failure: 6687
Nr. samples lost due to no permanent mapping: 0
Nr. event lost due to buffer overflow: 2081823
Nr. samples lost due to no mapping: 4306
Nr. backtraces skipped due to no file mapping: 0
Nr. samples lost due to no mm: 0
Nr. samples lost cpu buffer overflow: 67940
Nr. samples received: 2334860
Nr. backtrace aborted: 0
oprofiled stopped Thu Aug  6 17:04:43 2009

I am unsure of how to proceed  or where the problem may lie. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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