It turns out the "Performance InspectorTM" tool set:  provides a few tools that can plot IPC of an application over time.  The ptt tool allows you to specify a specific process for monitoring and you can identify the metrics as well as the intervals.  The cpi tool also allows for similar support for the entire system  Finally, the tracing mechanism used for Tprof allows for time or event based sampling which uses timestamps.  I think the VPA post processing tool may allow for views over time:

Frank Levine
Senior Programmer
Austin, TX

"Ehsan K.Ardestani" <>

02/28/2009 01:52 AM

oprofile-list <>
How to get samples over time?


I was wondering if oprofile binds the samples with time information. I need to know relative time info of samples so that I can plot something like IPC of an application over time. What I can get now as a result is average over the whole sampling time.

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