oprofile-list-admin@lists.sourceforge.net wrote on 09/27/2004 03:37:14 PM:

> On Fri, Sep 24, 2004 at 03:49:09PM -0500, Jimmy DeWitt wrote:
> >   1) JIT must not re-use memory when re-jitting code. JIT
> >    developers can add an option to guarantee no re-use of memory.
> Right. Or we could provide a way to say "reset OProfile". Something we
> can think about later.

Could we have more detail here?  It's not clear what you are describing.

> >   2) Anonymous mapping data must be maintained by tgid in generated ELF
> > files.
> tgid and pid, surely? I'd like to be able to separate out my Java
> profiles by thread, right?


> This sort of thing is closer to the naming we already have, and it
> *also* covers anonymous samples from other places that don't have
> oprofile support (which has been an RFE for a while). With Java support,
> we can rename the execname "/path/to/jvm" with "MyJAvaProgram"; other
> sources might still end up as "/path/to/pythonvm", but they would show
> up in the summary reports.

Sounds good, we will need to modify Will's patch.

> >   1) Add option --anon-samples
> >      This option allows including anonymous samples "bucket" in reports
> >      and does symbol resolution when required.
> >      Default is to not include anonymous samples in reports.
> Why is this the default?

It doesn't matter to us.

> Note that there is still *no* requirement that the file be an ELF format
> one. If it makes sense to use a different format then we should do that,
> then subclass op_bfd. This is something that can be decided based on how
> the implementation looks.

We would like to start with ELF. It might make it easier to develop if
we do not need to make changes to the reporting tools.
We can change it as we go if it is necessary.

> This is essentially the same code as the "JIT data logger" right? i.e.
> they both have the info on the JIT mappings.


> >   * Closed  JIT mapping files are erased. (at opcontrol --start)
> How would this work? The post-prof tools need both the binary and the
> sample file in order to produce results.

Right, the sample and the fake ELF files need to be removed at the same time.
When we do opcontrol --reset the fake ELF files that are not currently
"opened" by the jit logger need to be removed.

On archive we will need to save the fake ELF files.