We are having a target device that runs WR Linux with kernel 2.6.36 on ARMv7 based processor.


We have cross-compiled OProfile with following options,

./configure --host=arm-linux CC=<our tool chain>gcc CXX=... ...etc...


When running ./configure we observed the statement something like "Checking kernel support for OProfile ... yes"


The product of this build are:

libbfd-2.22.so             libbfd.so          libpopt.so.0    libpopt.so.0.0.0        opannotate

oparchive                   opcontrol         opgprof          ophelp                       opjitconv

opreport                    oprofiled


On target board:

# cat /proc/modules

CDBlkDrv 40434 5 - Live 0x7f035000

sd8xxx 37798 1 - Live 0x7f025000

mlan 65945 1 sd8xxx, Live 0x7f00e000 (P)

mrvlsdio 4334 1 sd8xxx, Live 0x7f000000


When we run "opcontrol --init" on the target board, we get the following error:

# opcontrol --init

modprobe: module oprofile not found in modules.dep

modprobe: module oprofile not found in modules.dep

Kernel doesn't support oprofile


How do we make this "opcontrol" run successfully on the target board? The kernel is already built with CONFIG_HAVE_OPROFILE=y option. This we confirmed by seeing the option in the file /proc/config.gz on the target board. Do we still need to build oprofile.ko


If yes, how do we do.

If not, then how do we get away with this problem.


Any help in this regard is appreciated.


Thanks and Regards,