I’ve published here a new eclipse plugin for oprofile :


It allows to display oprofile archive in eclipse, especially those coming from embedded devices.




I'm a bit embarrassed to post this proposal here, since another implementation already exist in http://www.eclipse.org/linuxtools/projectPages/oprofile/.

However, I think it can be interesting, since it covers some other aspect of profiling - especially for embedded devices.

I will appreciate any feedback on it.

If you think it can be useful, please let me know !



This viewer is particularly designed for embedded devices.

It's designed to run the minimum of things on target, and the maximum on host.

Because of that, it does not provide support to start/stop/reset oprofile daemon.

It focus only on how to display oprofile result in eclipse, especially when the profiling data was generated on another architecture.



A typical use case is when you have a target device low on memory:

- On target: user collects profiling data

- On target: user does not have enough memory to run opreport

- On host/on target: user makes the target filesystem available for the host (thanks to oparchive, for example).

- On host: user opens oprofile achive from eclipse

  The plugin parses oprofile archive (no need to transform oprofile samples into XML files), and displays it in an eclipse view. Binutils are required in PATH.




Look and feel is similar to gprof & gcov plugins.



It has been tested with oprofile 0.9.1 and 0.9.4

It has been tested on x86, sh4 and ARM cpus.

It has *not* been tested on 64 bit architecture.



More information:

This contribution proposal comes from STMicroelectronics (http://www.st.com/).

STMicroelectronics develops a linux distribution for embedded devices


This distribution uses eclipse as IDE, and has developed some plugins to

support oprofile, gprof and gcov in this context.


You can find attached the sources of 1 plugin.

o org.eclipse.linuxtools.oprofile


This plugin depends on 3 other plugins, available in gprof and gcov subversion repositories (https://dev.eclipse.org/svnroot/technology/org.eclipse.linuxtools)







Xavier Raynaud