Hi all,
     I am using oprofile on an SMP system,with a setting of "--separate=all".When sampling finished, I use "opreport -l -m cpu" to analyse the data ,and I got a error message "opreport error: sanitize_profile_sample_files(): sample \ file parsed twice".When I checked the source code of oprofile, I found that the method named "parsed_filename::profile_spec_equal(parsed_filename const & parsed)" in parse_filename.cpp seemed to be a little strange.
bool parsed_filename::profile_spec_equal(parsed_filename const & parsed)
    return     event == parsed.event &&
        count == parsed.count &&
        unitmask == parsed.unitmask &&
        tgid == parsed.tgid &&
        tid == parsed.tid &&
        cpu == parsed.tid;

I wonder if "cpu == parsed.tid" here should be "cpu == parsed.cpu"?
oprofile version is 0.9.5, the source code of version 0.9.7 is also the seem.