I'm attempting to use opcontrol to profile a custom kernel module (let's call it "mymodule"). When i do "lsmod | grep mymodule", it shows up in the list.

However, when i dump the oprofile stats and try to look for it under opreport, i can't seem to find it even if i'm exercising the module pretty extensively.

opcontrol --dump
opreport --symbols mymodule --image-path=/lib/modules/3.2.32/kernel/ --merge tgid --demangle=smart

Using /var/lib/oprofile/samples/ for samples directory.
error: no sample files found: profile specification too strict ?

Is there something special i need to do to enable profiling custom kernel modules? Perhaps i'm missing a step when i actually "install" the module.

i just do "make" and "make install" and verify that its been copied over to my /lib/modules/3.2.32/kernel folder. I then do a "depmod -a".

When i load the module, i use modprobe mymodule

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!