On Thu, Jul 5, 2012 at 6:32 PM, Maynard Johnson <> wrote:
As mentioned in my previous posting regarding your build system patch for cross-compiling,
there were a few tweaks I suggested.  That patch below is intended to be applied on top
of your patch.  Can you please try it out and let me know if you have any concerns?

OPerf cross-compiles fine with your patch in our environment.

Regarding your other question about CPPFLAGS for binutils: We get the following warning during configure:
checking libiberty.h usability... yes
checking libiberty.h presence... no
configure: WARNING: libiberty.h: accepted by the compiler, rejected by the preprocessor!
configure: WARNING: libiberty.h: proceeding with the compiler's result

The warning disappears if we add the binutils include directory to CPPFLAGS. However, then it will be added twice to the compiler command line. One possibility would be to add the directory to the CPPFLAGS just for the duration of this test. The other possibility would be to just ignore the warning.

What do you think?

Best Regards,