On Fri, Jul 6, 2012 at 4:12 PM, Maynard Johnson <> wrote:
This patch was made against the master branch.  It will apply with fuzz
against the perf-events branch, but then the pe_profiling/
file would need to be changed to use the @OP_CPPFLAGS@ and @OP_LDFLAGS@
similar to the other files altered by this patch (for example,
see daemon/

Can you please give it a test?  Thanks.
Yes, we tested it, and it works fine, after the necessary additions.

There is one question, whether we should introduce a separate OP_KERNEL_CPPFLAGS so the kernel headers are only included where it is actually used. I am not sure if it is necessary.
We found 2 typos in the patch, see below:

+# Since we should not permanently alter user environment variables, we'll
+# save the contents of the original flags in case the user has set them
+# prior to running this configue script.
Here I suppose you meant to write $CPPFLAGS.
 [  --with-binutils=dir         Path to binutils installation to use], BINUTILSDIR=$withval)

 if test "$BINUTILSDIR" != ""; then
-       if test "$CFLAGS" = ""; then
-               CFLAGS="-g -O2"
-       fi
-       if test "$CXXFLAGS" = ""; then
-               CXXFLAGS="-g -O2"
-       fi
Here also, I suppose you wanted to write $CPPFLAGS.

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