I want to optimize a kernel module of thousand of lines of code. In
that purpose, I have to use oprofile to detect which piece of code
must be reworked. I am working on embedded system with openWrt, linux with MIPS architecture.

At this moment, I have oprofil 0.9.4 on my system. But I have some
problem with this version. I have not opannotate binary and it
is the feature that I need because if I use only opcontrol/opreport, I
have just the percentage of CPU spent by my module and not the detail
per function.

My first idea was to upgrade my version but when I try to install the
0.9.8 of oprofile software, I have error during compilation. Indeed in my
kernel source I have not perf_event.h file... I guess that my kernel
version is too old to use this version of your software.

So my question is, can I run the last version of Oprofile on
and how can I get the opannotate binary enable on my system ?

Sorry for my English,

- Arthur LAMBERT