I am looking to use Oprofile for TI DM368 SoC based platform.
I am trying to enable oprofile support for kernel 2.6.18.
Followng two options are added in .config file
Do we need to add Oprofile support as module(=m) option or staticaly link(=y) option ?
Do I need to enable any other options other than this to enable Profiling supoort with Oprofile?
When I tried to make kernel image with above two option and boot on board then borad was failing to load other .ko's as per below

mt9p031: disagrees about version of symbol struct_module

insmod: cannot insert '/etc/module/sensor.ko': invalid module format

Kernel Image was working fine without enabling this profiling support means there were not any error as per above when inserting other modules.
Can you point what is issue with this kernel when trying to enable profiling support with Oprofile ?