back in March, Jon Callan from ARM attempted to post a bunch of changes to oprofile.   These included support for the ARM A8 and A9 processors plus multicore for ARM11MP and A9.     These were rejected and our response fizzled somewhat; I’m trying to pick up the pieces and see how we can move this forward.   I’d welcome a bit of discussion.

The fixes were:
[1] A8 support.    This has been superceded by the armv7 event support in the CVS repository.    Our patches are redundant.   I’d also note that the appropriate kernel patches matching this support is firmly in the kernel.
[2] Extending the armv7 events for the A9 and including events counted in the SCU (snoop control unit) and L2x0 (memory controller).   Rather than invent another CPU type, one with more events, it would be good to find a way to add in extra events by platform.
[3] Multicore.   The way that this was done was to modify the events returned from the kernel to reflect which CPU generated the event (or whether it came from another entity in the system).   Unfortunately this raises the number of events that can be counted (see item [4] below).    Does this make sense – do oprofile users want to see per-CPU counters or a combined counter across all CPUs?   For example, does a user want to see the total icache misses or each CPU’s icache misses?   What do other multicore architectures do?
[4] We bumped the number of events supported in op_alloc_counter.c.   Mostly because of [3] above as we were trying to report all CPUs separately.

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