I am trying to run oprofile 0.9.3 on a small embedded linux-ppc system, with some success.


I was able to cross-compile it on my host (linux-x86) and get it running on my target (linux-ppc).


Given that my arch (MPC6260) has no performance counters, I am simply running it in timer mode. I can get opreport output, but with no symbol info.



My big issue is that since I do not have a lot of memory, binaries are built with symbol information stripped.


My goal is to collect the data on the target and analyze it (via opreport) on the host. The oprofile manual suggests this is possible, but I am having trouble getting this to work. The manual does not provide much detailed help here.


So, is the above possible? I hope that if the samples (with PC info) are collected on the target, then I can transfer them to the host and run opreport (host version) there – using the same binaries recompiled with symbol information – to get a full report with symbols.


Has anyone gotten this to work for their environment?