Hi, I just started installing Oprofile on Centos Linux 5.5. After downloading the latest distribution of OProfile, oprofile-0.9.6, I configured OProfile using the command./configure --with-kernel-support. Then I encountered a warning message: Warning a working Qt was not found: no GUI was built. Warning: The user account 'oprofile:oprofile' does not exist on the system: To profile JITed code, this special user account must exist. Please ask your system administrator to add the following user and group: user name: 'oprofile' group name 'oprofile' The 'oprofile' group must be the default group fror the 'oprofile user.
       Is is possible to use OProfile on Centos Linux 5.5 without out a working QT? Currently, I am reading the Getting Started section in the Oprofile FAQ? Because I don't want to profile the kernel itself,   I try to tell OProfile that I don't have a vmlinux file :
opcontrol --no-vm-linux. The Centos Linux Bash responds: bash: opcontrol: command not found.
       I found a opcontrol script in the utils subdirectory. I was wondering what I next step should be if I want to profile a simple C++ program. Thank you.