I am trying to use oprofile to profile a user space application which dynamically loads shared libraries. >From the opreport/opannotate output I am not able to see any profile information regarding the shared libraries function which I actually wish to profile. Though my application is working correctly I am not able to see the profile information for the functions in the shared library...
This is a daemon server process which responds to request from the client .. The client requests are routed to a module in a dynamically loaded shared library.
Please could you let me know what special things I need to do get the profile done. Please note that I have built cimserver process (which is being profiled) and the dlls with debug information.
opcontrol -i /root/sumeet/pegasus/bin/cimserver
opcontrol -separate=lib
opcontrol -no-vmlinux
opcontrol --event=CPU_CLK_UNHALTED:50000
opcontrol --start
(invoke cimcli to get the storage volume related informatino from the cimserver .. THis would in turn invoke the code from the shared library!)
opcontrol --dump
opcontrol --stop
opcontrol --shutdown
opreport -l /root/sumeet/pegasus/bin/cimserver
Thanks and Regards,
Sumeet R. Gandhare