Hi all,

I'd like to use oprofile to do some profiling with KVM to produce results look like this:

  samples|      %|  samples|      %|
    17909 61.1897      7889 45.2584 domain1-kernel
     8702 29.7321      8247 47.3123 domain1-xen
      928  3.1707       679  3.8954 xen-syms
      887  3.0306       395  2.2661 vmlinux_dom0

It was done with xenoprofile patches in XEN environment.  Events were broke down to different domains (guests), xen and Dom0.  Within one guest domain, events were able to broke down to guest-kernel, guest-xen and guest user.

So I am wondering if it's possible to do the same thing with KVM.  I did some research on internet but didn't find any useful information about how to breakdown events to Guest/Host/KVM, except one thread discussing about how to enabling KVM profiling in kvm-devel mailing list.  Any help is appreciated!  Thanks in advance.

Huang Zhiteng