I believe the same question about anonymous sample has been asked not too long ago in the list.  The samples from plt section is due to dynamic linking.  If you want to know the details links like this one will clarify it. http://www.iecc.com/linker/linker10.html.






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Here is another question about the opreport result:

Let's say I have a shared library called libAAA.so, and here is the result generated from opreport.
As you can see, opreport did pickup the symbols from inside of libAAA.so, but why the one on the second line is showing as anonymous symbol from libAAA.so
Is it saying libAAA.so is calling some other library code that it doesn't know about? Will it be possible to find out which api inside libAAA.so is making the outside library call?

  9         0.2851  libAAA.so           Flow::IsDying() const
  7         0.2217  libAAA.so           anonymous symbol from section .plt
  7         0.2217  libAAA.so           PtrId::PtrId()