Thanking you in advance. I am profiling kernel 2.6.11 in powerpc 32 bit architechture and I am using oprofile-o.9.3.tar.gz. I am able to run ./oprofile without any issues but while I am trying to generate call graph using the cmd ./opreport -c, I am getting the
following crash:

(gdb) bt 5
#0  op_bfd (this=0x7faf3910, archive=<value optimized out>,
fname=<value optimized out>, symbol_filter=@0x1013ca9c,
ok=@0x7faf388c) at op_bfd.cpp:138

#1  0x10048358 in populate_for_image
(archive_path=@0x7faf3950, samples=@0x7faf39f0,
ip=@0x10150d88, symbol_filter=@0x1013ca9c,
has_debug_info=0x1013ca00) at populate.cpp:68

#2  0x100285ac in callgraph_container::populate
(this=0x7faf3af0, archive_path=@0x1013bb98,
iprofiles=@0x7faf3a74, extra=@0x1013cc54, debug_info=false,
    merge_lib=false, sym_filter=@0x1013ca9c) at

#3  0x1000782c in (anonymous namespace)::opreport
(spec=<value optimized out>) at opreport.cpp:562
#4  0x10018df4 in run_pp_tool (argc=<value optimized out>,
argv=0x7faf3e04, fct=0x10007440 <(anonymous
namespace)::opreport(options::spec const&)>) at

Please help me in solving this issue.


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