Hello all:

I've been fudging around with OProfile in the last few days mostly because that's what AMD CodeAnalyst uses as the backend, on Linux.  I noticed that it comes packaged with a version of OProfile with IBS support, the patches for which were applied against CVS in the last few weeks.  I suppose then that means it's useable with OProfile from CVS, on a recent kernel.

CodeAnalyst itself is useable with Intel chips with a few trivial patches, and looking at the Intel architecture manual does not disabuse me of the notion that Nehalem chips should be useable with the Core2 events.  However, looking at the mailing list, this seems to be a bad idea (c.f. Andi Kleen's patch "Don't report Nehalem as core_2").  And there's also the Intel perfmon stuff, and the suggestion (is that right?) of generalizing the IBS deal?

So my question is, really, what does it take to make OProfile useable with Intel Nehalem?  Would this require just writing new events/unit_masks files, or is it better done some other, more general way with an eye to 0.9.5 and beyond?

And incidentally, is there any particular reason why the core and core_2 events are in i386/, and not x86-64/?

-John Sheu