Thanks for the reply,

cpuinfo shows "Xeon (TM) 3.6Ghz", is this more like a generic
description that an actual CPU detection?

On the box, which is working cpuinfo shows "Xeon (TM) MP 3.0Ghz"

How do I determine if the kernel identifies a CPU? Is there a specific
text that I should look for in dmesg output or in cpuinfo?

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Ceylan, Tolga wrote:
> Hello;
> I've been using oprofile on HP DL560 server with 2 x Intel Xeon MP
> 3.00Ghz
> processors. The server is loaded with Redhat AS4.0, and things
> work as expected.
> However, recently I realized that on a DL380 hardware with 2 x Intel
> Xeon 3.60Ghz hardware on RedHat AS40, the CPU type is set to "timer".
> These servers they all have the same SMP kernels. So, the difference
> is only the hardware.
> I am using stock RedHat kernel. Do you think the problem is due to
> an old oprofile module in Redhat stock kernels?
> Has anybody had any "timer" problems with Xeon processors with
> oprofile before?
> Thanks,
> Tolga Ceylan

You have a newer model processor than the RHEL4 kernel knows about.
OProfile needs to identify the processor to determine what kind of
performance monitoring hardware the processor has. If OProfile can't
identify the processor, it falls back on the timer interrupt mechanism.
/proc/cpuinfo should show the differences between the machines.

Upstream kernels identify the Xeon processors. This change should be
back ported to Red Hat kernel at some point.