If hyperthreading is disabled, then can I use 4 counters?

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Subject: Re: BSQ_cache_reference stats for Intel Xeon HT

On Tue, Jan 24, 2006 at 09:12:48PM -0600, Ceylan, Tolga wrote:

> I'm trying to customize oprofile for an intel Xeon HT box to display
> 2nd level cache hits
> 3rd level cache hits
> 2nd level cache misses
> 2nd level cache misses
> Oprofile assigns all of these sub-events to only one counter originally, so I need to modify
> oprofile to get this data for these 4 sub-events.

Just configure two counters with the same event, different unit masks.
The hardware doesn't support counting all four at once, only two
counters are available.