Oprofile-0.9.4 runs okay on SLES 9, but on SLES 10 the Opreport seems having a bug in the _S_construct constructor of basic_string object in conjunction with the samples collected from SLES 10.

The opreport of Oprofile-0.9.3 on SLES 9 and SLES 10 runs fine.  

Do you know of any patch for oprofile-0.9.4 containing the fix for this bug?
If there isn't any, where can I get the source code for opreport so that I can debug and provide a fix for this?

make clean
./configure -with-kernel-support
make install
opcontrol --vmlinux=/boot/vmlinux-
pp/opreport -lgt 0.1 --image-path=/lib/modules/ exclude-symbols mwait_idle,default_idle

pp/opreport error: basic_string::_S_construct NULL not valid"

Thank you