Dear Maynard:

Thanks for your response. Sorry for I didn't describe my installation environment in details.
I did install to some other location but not /usr/local, so I need to configure OProfile with --with-extra-libs & --with-extra-includes. But now, I solve this problem.
I forgot to verify --with-extra-includes argument before, which was /home/nick314/fakeroot/lib/, but it should be /home/nick314/fakeroot/include/.

Sorry for my mistakes, and appreciate your response again. Thanks a lot.

Below is my installaton commands.

./configure --with-kernel-support --host=mips-linux-gnu --prefix=/home/nick314/fakeroot/
make install

binutils devel
./configure --with-kernel-support --host=mips-linux-gnu --prefix=/home/nick314/fakeroot/ --enable-shared
make install

./configure --with-kernel-support --host=mips-linux-gnu --prefix=/home/nick314/fakeroot/ --with-extra-libs=/home/nick314/fakeroot/lib/ --with-extra-includes=/home/nick314/fakeroot/include/ --with-binutils=/home/nick314/fakeroot/
make install


On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 2:02 AM, Maynard Johnson <> wrote:
nick 314 wrote:
Dear all:

I tried to install OProfile-0.95 by mips toolchain.
But it said that I need to cross compile popt & binutils(bfd, iberty) in
order to install OProfile.
Then I download source codes of popt and binutils, and compile them.
After completion, I didn't find out
I presume you did a standard 'configure' and 'make install', resulting in an installation of these packages to /usr/local.  Is that correct or did you install to some other location?  I'm no expert in cross-compile situations, so maybe someone else on the list can help out.  But assuming you did *NOT* install binutils to /usr, then you need to use the '--with-binutils' configure option to tell the oprofile build to use the binutils in /usr/local (or wherever you installed it).  But there is no configure option for an alternate install location for popt.  Since you apparently didn't get a configure error for popt, then I wonder what libpopt was found --  AC_CHECK_LIB, by default, will only check /usr.


So there was a problem when I compile OProfile with error message like
opimport.o: Relocations in generic ELF (EM: 3).

I do configure binutils with --enable-shared, but in vain.
By the way, I download binutils from But I don't know whether it is
binutils-devel or not?

I have no idea about how to solve this problem.
Would someone could give me directions or solutions? Thanks a lot.

Best regards,


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