>> Hi,
>> >>
>> >> opreport error:
>>  /var/lib/oprofile/samples/current/{kern}/no-vmlinux/{dep}/{kern}
>> >> /no-vmlinux/TIMER.0.0.all.all.all: Invalid argument
>> >We introduced a change in sample file format w/o bumping the file
>>  format
>> >version in 0.9.3 so you can get this message instead of a clean "sample
>> >file version mismatch". Try opcontrol --deinit; opcontrol --reset to
>>  ensure
>> >it remains no trace of older sample files.
>> I receive samples ( see stats in cpu0 ), but seems that the daemon doesn't write
>> the samples to the filesystem. How can I check if the opcontrol --dump write
>> something? It creates a directory tree, and I think, but I'm not sure, that the daemon write
>> each information in TIMER.0.0.all.all.all file. These files are empty. It is possible that the
>> samples produced by the 2.6.14 oprofile drivers is been changed and this version of
>> oprofile software doesn't take it in account?

>No, it's not a problem of driver but perhaps a problem of userspace version,
>did you try ?
>opcontrol --deinit; opcontrol --reset; opcontrol --start; /* wait a few secs */
>opcontrol --dump; opreport

>because from what I see in the other mail:

The problem, I think is here:

libop/op_config.c:      strcat(op_samples_current_dir, "/current/");
libop/op_config.c:      strcat(op_samples_current_dir, "/current");

Another problem is that jffs2 doesn't support MAP_SHARED

Regards Michael

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