Dear All:

I am a newbie use oprifile. I run it on my openwrt , the kernel version is 2.6.26. run on a MIPS 24K cpu

used oprofile version is 0.94. This is my command:

opcontrol --init
opcontrol --setup --event=CYCLES:5000:0:1:0 --vmlinux=/etc/vmlinux --session-dir=/var/lib/oprofile
opcontrol --start

wait a monent, because I want to optimize linux kernel and driver, thay all run at kernel level.

opcontrol --dump --session-dir=/var/lib/oprofile
opreport -l --session-dir=/var/lib/oprofile
then, the result is:
opreport error: No sample file found: try running opcontrol --dump
or specify a session containing sample files

I try to a million times. and find many FAQ, don't solve. Anyone could help me?


Yongheng Qi  

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