Hi Vishwa.


I have executed given below command still I could not annotated source code


opcontrol --shutdown                           (Shutdown oprofile daemon is its running)

opcontrol --reset                               (Reset profiler counters)

opcontrol --no-vmlinux


opcontrol -i=./hello_world --no-vmlinux


opcontrol --setup --event=L2_REJECT_BUSQ:5000   (Set event using this command)

opcontrol --start                                (Start oprofiler daemon)

./hello_world &                              (Running application)

opcontrol --dump                              (Dump oprofiler info to report)

opreport                                       (Shows sampling info)


Result of executed above command


I could not execute below command

opcontrol --setup --event=L2_REJECT_BUSQ:5000


because OProfile is in timer mode





 * Command line: opannotate --source --assembly --search-dirs=/bin


 * Interpretation of command line:

 * Output annotated assembly listing with samples


 * CPU: CPU with timer interrupt, speed 0 MHz (estimated)

 * Profiling through timer interrupt



               :/bin/hello_world:     file format elf32-littlearm


               :Disassembly of section .init:


Please guide me