Greetings everyone,

I am working on oprofiling target powerpc embedded system with oprofile-0.9.4/linux-2.6.24 and later analyze the result on host box (x86).

I am seeing some amount of hypersample warnings when running opreport (to generate callgraph) on the imported samples (opimport)

This is a simple program that spin/sleep.
warning: dropping hyperspace sample at offset 95830 >= 39c1 for binary /root/spin
warning: dropping hyperspace sample at offset 1c980 >= 39c1 for binary /root/spin

I am curious about the hyperspace sample and it seems the offset is really off. Though the sample is dropped, I am wondering if something went wrong with opimport (either that or the sample is bogus). Any help would be appreciated.

PS. sorry if the question has been asked multiple times.