Has anyone tried profiing Qt using oprofile?  Oprofile is not listing all the symbols available in qpe binary. Basically I'm trying to find the time spent by all functions in qpe binary. qpe has all symbols in it (not stripped). I've built qtopia in non single exec mode.

oprofile version  = 0.9.6
embedded linux = 2.6.29
Platform             = ARM 9
Oprifile is in timer mode.

Commands that I used are:

# ./opcontrol --no-vmlinux
# ./opcontrol --image=/opt/Qtopia-4.4.3-release/bin/qpe 
# ./opcontrol --start
Using 2.6+ OProfile kernel interface.
Using log file /var/lib/oprofile/samples/oprofiled.log
Daemon started.
Profiler running.
#  Run application....
# ./opcontrol --stop
# ./opreport -l
Overflow stats not available
CPU: CPU with timer interrupt, speed 0 MHz (estimated)
Profiling through timer interrupt
samples  %        symbol name
1        33.3333  DialerControl::allCalls() const
1        33.3333  QBasicAtomicInt::ref()
1        33.3333  deskcallscreendialogs_getContactFromCall(QPhoneCall const&, QContact*)

    If you could notice the result of opreport, only 3 symbols are listed, actually I'm expecting more symbols. Moreover, the % value is 33.3333 for all the listed symbols.

    Am I missing something? I appreciate any inputs/suggestions.