Dear all
     I'm trying to use oprofiler for finding out % of cpu used per process. Since my PC doesn't have much hardware support my oprofiler is running TIMER mode with 2.6 kernel (So no special events are allowed). The following are the commands I have executed for profiling my application.
#gcc -pg manoj.c -o manoj    /* compiling the application process 'manoj' */
#opcontrol --init
#opcontrol --no-vmlinux
#opcontrol --start-daemon
#opcontrol --start
# ./manoj &                          /* running application process in background */
#opcontrol --dump
#opcontrol --shutdown
I got the output like this:
CPU: CPU with timer interrupt, speed 0 MHz (estimated)
Profiling through timer interrupt
  samples|      %|
    36943 61.4846 manoj
    22723 37.8181 no-vmlinux
      205  0.3412
      162  0.2696 bash
       23  0.0383
        9  0.0150
        8  0.0133 oprofiled
        5  0.0083 ps
        2  0.0033 gawk
        2  0.0033 ls
        1  0.0017 grep
        1  0.0017
        1  0.0017
Kindly get back to me for the following QUERIES:
1) Do the second column % indicate percentage of CPU used  or not?
2) if not what does that actually specify?
3) If the second column is the relative percentage of sample, will it indirectly mean % of CPU used.
3) Since there is no such process like "-no-vmlinux", why it is displaying that.
Thanking u in advance,

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