I have a stress test on two systems, one x86, one ia64. and sys% cpu is over 30%, I just what to kown what happens in it.
I've oprofile 0.8.1 on rhel4 x86 rc, and 0.5.4 on rhel3 U4 ia64.  They're installed with OS, I did not re-installed by myself.
After read from FAQ, I should be able to profile kernel and see samples on kernel symbols with :
#opcontrol --init
#opcontrol --reset
#opcontrol --setup --vmlinux=/boot/vmlinux
#opcontrol --start
#opreport -l (or op_time -l from 0.5.4)
But the result is, I did not see anything around kernel, only some lib.so files.
For my two servers, they don't have vmlinux, so I recompiled source and managed created vmlinux file, so I just cp this file to /boot/vmlinux.
I'm curious to know, this kernel file might be different to the vmlinuz loaded at bootup. How can I profile the real kernel within my running system, am I misunderstanding some operations or sth?

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