William Cohen <wcohen@nc.rr.com> wrote:

Then the daemon is not changing /var/lib/oprofile/complete_dump. Is this
on the X86 system? Or are you trying out the zwane's ARM port? It sounds
like the /dev/oprofile/dump is not implement or not working in the
kernel. Assuming that the file system works and allow root to access it,
it shouldn't be a problem. Are 0ther files such as oprofile.log and lock
being written in /var/lib/oprofile? Does the /dev/oprofile directory
look reasonable?

--reset, --dump, --stop, and --shutdown are going to have similar
behavior. They all attempt to flush data from the kernel.



This is on an XScale (ARM) system. I haven't used anything from Zwane yet. I'm just trying to get the generic stuff working before I touch the arch specific things. The log file is being written to as far as I can tell. Also the lock file. Everything in /dev/oprofile looks okay to me...

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