My guess is that ether opcontrol is not in the current directory/path or you don't have bash.  If you don't have bash, you have to make sure to apply the patch to remove bashisms.


On 8/16/06, gstreamer <> wrote:
Hi, guys:
      I want to use oprofile in the ARM, I know, the kernel version 2.6.9 is needed for it.
      My mobile use arm , and it's kernel version is 2.6.10.And i use
"CC=arm_v6_vfp_le-gcc CXX=arm_v6_vfp_le-g++ ./configure --with-kernel-support --target=arm-linux --host=arm-linux --build=i686-pc-linux-gnu --prefix=/home/e13620/makedir" to make oprofile, but the compiled linux version is 2.4.21, make is ok, create opcontrol, opreport....applications.
      My problems is, after putted those applications into mobile, in the commandline to run opcontrol:
xxx$ ./opcontrol
     ~ash: opcontrol: command not found
i guess, opcontrol shell script has some problems? do you think? compiled kernel is ok?
cross compile option is right?
thanks in advances!


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