I'am limited to use this version for testing purpose, so I can't upgrade it for newer version.

Is there some options to check in the kernel , in addition to Oprofile options?

Best regards 

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Objet : Re: Oprofile does not create sample files

On 04/19/2013 04:59 AM, Sabra Gargouri wrote:
> Hi,

> I'm running Oprofile 0.9.4 on a linux embedded OS (kernel, I can start and stop a profiling session, but no samples created under /var/lib/oprofile/samples/current directory.
> I configured my kernel for Oprofile support.
What are the contents of the /root/.oprofile/daemonrc file?  And when you do 'opcontrol --init', what cpu type is given in the /dev/oprofile/cpu_type file?

I would also suggest upgrading to 0.9.8.  The oprofile version you have installed is almost 5 years old, so if you need detailed help in debugging why it's not working (if it's not a simple user error), the first thing we'll ask you to do is upgrade.


> What is wrong?

> Cheers

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