I am trying to compare architectures accoss a few different platforms running at different frequencies. I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to normalize this in a way that will withstand scrutiny. 

my details:

The execution times and clock rates vary significantly so I am not sure how to present data on something like an L2 miss.

The way i have ran my oprofile script is to normalize the sample time to the fastest processor which collects data for 100s. The slowest processor (400MHz - FPGA based) is collects data for 532 seconds. The idea here is collect data during a proportional number of core clock cycles. However since the architecture of the fastest clock is also much faster, i get more L2 misses because the processor is further along in the work load execution. Therefore I am not sure how to plot this data as is probably going to be misleading. 

Has anyone dealt with an issue like this yet? 

Thanks for your time,