I am trying to install Oprofile for my P4 machine running linux (2.4.19) on VMware.
I didn't have any problems installing it.
But, I am unable to start Oprofile.
#opcontrol --start
Failed to open device. Possibly you have passed incorrect parameters. Check /var/log/messages. Couldn't start oprofiled.
Check the log file "/var/lib/oprofile/oprofiled.log" and /var/log messages.
In the /var/log/messages:
Jun 9 19:35:37 localhost kernel: RTC value 0 is out of range (2-4096).
The "oprofiled.log" didn't contain any data.
I have checked my /user/src/linux/.config also for RTC:
but CONFIG_RTC is not set.
What is the problem?
Could someone help me solving this?
Thank you in advance.

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