#209 opimport should ignore synthesize ELF files (<pid>.jo)


The typical usage for opimport is to run a shell script that loops over a samples directory that was archived from a target machine and extracted to the host machine -- something like the following:


# NOTE: Start from the "samples" directory containing the "current" directory
# to be imported

mkdir current-imported
cd current-imported; (cd ../current; find . -type d ! -name .) |xargs mkdir
cd ../current; find . -type f | while read line; do opimport -a <input_session-dir>/abi -o ../current-imported/$line $line; done


If JIT profiling was done on the target system (e.g., passing '-agentlib:jvmti_oprofile' to the JVM), then a synthesized ELF file named "<pid>.jo" will created for each JVM that was profiled, and this file will be stored in the samples directory. However, we do no want opimport to treat such files as sample data files, because it may corrupt them and make them unreadable for when opreport tries to get symbol information from it.


  • Maynard Johnson

    Maynard Johnson - 2012-08-06

    I fixed this with commit 9a8869dc7fc806198a8ad380ed7fdc207c0160e0.

  • Maynard Johnson

    Maynard Johnson - 2012-08-06
    • assigned_to: nobody --> maynardj
    • status: open --> open-fixed
  • Maynard Johnson

    Maynard Johnson - 2012-08-27
    • status: open-fixed --> closed-fixed

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