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OPX package for Nokia 9300/9500 updated

All standard OPX files are now bundled in a single SIS file, but many users still had the SIS files for each OPX installed separately. This caused confusion and could also lead to problems when the separately installed OPX's were uninstalled after the installation of the OPX package.
For this reason the OPL OPX installation package was changed to clean up any existing standard single OPX installation. This is done by scanning the \System\Install folder for leftover SIS stub files of the standard OPX files and deleting them prior to the installation of the OPL OPX package.

Posted by Arjen Broeze 2006-11-01

OPX package released for Nokia 9300/9500

Due to the fact that embedded SIS files causes problems on Nokia 9300/9500 devices and since it's not very likely that Nokia will fix the problems in the installer, a new package is released that installs all the standard OPX's for OPL. Another advantage of this approach is that programmers don't have to worry anymore whether or not an OPX is already installed on a user's device. Instead, they can simply supply (a link to) the OPX package and instruct their users to install this package.... read more

Posted by Arjen Broeze 2006-10-02

OPL v1.56 released for all Communicators

Version 1.56 OPL for the Nokia Communicator is a full release for all Nokia Communicators (92xx, 9300, 9500).

Since in this version all known bugs (except one) in the OPL runtime are fixed, this release is recommended for all Nokia Communicator users (92xx, 9300(i) and 9500).

You can download the latest OPL runtime and developer packages from the project download page:

Posted by Arjen Broeze 2006-06-17

v1.55 of OPL released for Nokia 9300/9500

The 1.55 release of OPL for the Nokia Communicator is released first for the Nokia 9300/9500 Communicators and provide a large number of bugfixes, making it just as mature as the Nokia 92xx release.

Starting with version 1.55 there are now two flavors of developer packages: the full developer package, suitable for OPL development on the PC and on the device itself, and the mini developer package, which only contains the files needed to do OPL development on the device.... read more

Posted by Arjen Broeze 2006-06-10

First anniversary for opl-dev

First anniversary for opl-dev

Today is the first anniversary of the opl-dev project! It has been a very successful year, which saw two new ports released. You can now run OPL on Symbian OS phones featuring three user interface platforms, that's around 20 phone models. Over 20,000 downloads from the project have enabled the release of 60 OPL applications, including some for specialised vertical markets such as medical applications. Five C++ developers have contributed to the source code. Together, this has brought opl-dev into the top 5% of projects on SourceForge. Let's review what we've achieved in the past twelve months, and look forward with plans for the future. ... read more

Posted by David Mery 2004-04-28

Beta release of OPL for UIQ on opl-dev

The opl-dev project team is pleased to annouce the Beta release of OPL for UIQ phones, including the Sony Ericsson P800 and P900.

Developers can now create applications for UIQ mobile phones using the popular open source OPL language.

As announced by UIQ Technology at the 3GSM World Congress event, the official press release can be found at

For more information, and to download the v1.50 UIQ release, visit read more

Posted by Rick Andrews 2004-02-29

Milestone release for opl-dev project

The opl-dev team is pleased to announce a new release of OPL for the Nokia 9200 Communicator series.

This v1.24 release represents a significant milestone for the opl-dev open source project, as it contains the first OPL language source code changes contributed by a non-Symbian developer.

Keita Kawabe's improvements to OPL casting are now part of the OPL translator, and so are available to the entire OPL community. This release demonstrates the benefits of the Symbian open source initiative, by enabling independent developers to contribute to the success of the Symbian ecosystem.

Posted by Rick Andrews 2003-06-16

opl-dev is now fully open... Welcome!

Today, Symbian has announced that it is open sourcing the OPL language. The opl-dev project is hosted on and is using the GNU LGPL license. The full press release is at

All the OPL components are released under LGPL:
* OPL runtime environment (runs on Symbian OS phones)
* OPL translator (runs on Symbian OS phones or as a PC-based tool)
* OPLTools (runs on a PC)
* TextEd (runs on Symbian OS phones to allow for on-target development)
* DemoOPL (comprehensive OPL example application)
* OPXs (extensions to OPL written in C++ which run on Symbian OS phones)
* OPLRSS (language localization tool which runs on PC)... read more

Posted by David Mery 2003-04-28

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