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OpenZaurus 3.5.1 released

On behalf of the OpenEmbedded, Opie, GPE, and OpenZaurus teams, I am proud to announce a new release of our OpenZaurus Linux distribution - version 3.5.1.

For more information, please visit

Posted by Holger Schurig 2004-09-22

OpenZaurus 3.1-rc3 now available!

Greetings all, after delay and yet further delay, OpenZaurus 3.1 release candidate 3 is now available for testing. There were numerous changes in nearly all aspects of the system, see the ChangeLog for details. This release does not include the 2.4.19 kernel, and therefore does support SD/MMC. The Samba server and Opie as a non-root user were postponed until 3.1 final. see TODO in the wiki for details.

Posted by Christopher Larson 2003-03-14

OpenZaurus 3.1 rc1 is now available.

OpenZaurus 3.1's first release candidate is now available for testing. Please test it to your heart's content, and report any bugs with the distribution to this project, and any Opie/GUI related bugs to

Posted by Christopher Larson 2002-12-14

OpenZaurus 3.1 Testing in Progress

We are currently testing out many updates and bug fixes in the unstable OpenZaurus feeds that will soon become part of the OpenZaurus3.1 release. Check out the ChangeLog at

Posted by Aman Gupta 2002-12-05

3.0 Beta Phase

Be advised that OpenZaurus 3.0 is currently in its beta phase. Please download, flash, and test. Report bugs through the bug tracker.

Posted by Christopher Larson 2002-04-19

OpenZaurus Beta 2.5 Released.

This is the community version of the root filesystem / romimage for the Sharp Zaurus SL-5000d PDA.

See the files section :-).

Posted by Christopher Larson 2002-01-15


The OpenZaurus beta 2 root filesystem has been imported into CVS.

Posted by Christopher Larson 2002-01-07