DAISY Translator Version 2.0 Beta is available now

DAISY Translator Version 2.0 Beta, An Open XML to DAISY XML Translator is now available on sourceforge for download.

This version now supports the follwoing new features

Full Audio Support
Auto Generation of numbers in lists
Handle Numbers in Heading
Generation of bullets in lists
Alternative mechanism for identification of footnotes and note references
Language detection – Set Language
Translate Character styles (Preserving styles like underline, strikethrough etc…)
Option to preserve the image display size
Support for shapes and objects
Wildcard support in Command line Utility

This version also fixes the bugs in the previous release and has some feature enhancements

We welcome every one, who is interested to try this software and give us feedback and suggestions for improving this product going forward.

Posted by OpenXML-Daisy 2009-02-20

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