#6 Lists using styles


I recently submitted as a bug that nested lists using styles are not properly translated, and was informed that lists using styles are not within the scope of the project. I find this extremely suprising.

For creating all but small one-off documents, using styles is considered to be best practice. In addition, when creating documents for visually impaired people, using styles makes it easy to produce documents in a range of text sizes for people with varying degrees of visual impairment.

Please add this feature to the project. Attached is the small example document I submitted as an example of the problem.


  • senthil

    senthil - 2008-04-01

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    Dear friendlytiger,

    Thanks! for your inputs. I would like to point out couple of thing on lists to clear thing out.

    During the design phase our intention was to cover all types of lists(including lists using styles). But, during implementation we found that lists created using styles does not give us sufficient information(eg: inum, ilvl values) for translation, because of this tecnical limitation we are not able translate lists created using styles.

    However, we understand the need for this feature and will definitly consider this as a priority in the next pahse of the project.


  • friendlytiger

    friendlytiger - 2008-04-03

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    Thanks for the information. It's reasuring to know lists using styles will be sorted out in the next phase. Perhaps you could put a bit more info on your homepage and news feed to keep people more informed about progress and future plans (and even the march 24 release).


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