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Installation Problems

  • Daniel Villavicencio

    I installed the Daisy converter in a PC with Windows Vista Enterprise and Office 2007 but when I click on "Save as Daisy" in Word 2007 nothign happens I don't get the pop up to save the document. any ideas about this problem???

    • Bhimappa

      Bhimappa - 2008-03-06

      I would suggest you to uninstall the DAISY Translator software and confirm the uninstallation by
      opening the word 2007 document and Click on office button (Top left hand corner of the Word 2007 user interface) or hit Alt+F, the 'Save As DAISY' option should not be available.

      Before installation, Please close all the word documents.

      Re-install and try the below steps

      After successful installation of the ADDIN.
      Step 1: Open a document that needs to be translated into Daisy Format.
      Step2: Ensure that document is saved before proceeding with the translation.
      Step3: Click on office button (Top left hand corner of the Word 2007 user interface) or hit Alt+F
      Step 4: Click on “Save As DAISY button” or Hit (Alt +F) +Y.
      Step 5: Now user is presented with a Translation window, update the required details like destination
      and click on “Translate” button.
      Step 6: After successful translation a success message is shown.
      Step 7: Navigate to the destination folder and the XML file is availabe in DAISY format.

    • Miriam

      Miriam - 2008-05-13


      I've had the exact same installation problem as Daniel, the installation is seemingly successful, but the translator does not pop up and no DAISY file is saved (Step 5 does not happen). Did you manage to solve your problem, Daniel?

      I've tried both uninstalling/reinstalling the addin & reinstalling office 2007.

      I wonder if other COM addins may cause this problem? I have addins to word from Zoomtext and Dragon.. another colleague had some other additional addins (e.g. accessible pdf) and suffered the same problem, whilst a third colleguage had no other addins and also no installation problem..

      Kind regards,

    • pavanKV

      pavanKV - 2008-05-20

      Hi Miriam,

      We tried our DAISY Translator Add-in with other third party add-in like ODF Translator in Microsoft Word. And both these add-in’s are working properly.

      So, please check with the vendors of other COM Add-in you are using. If this issue is not resolved, please give the details of third party add-in you are using and steps to reproduce the issue, so that we will see the issue and try to resolve it.



      • Miriam

        Miriam - 2008-06-09

        Alright, so I removed the software with Com-addins altogehter, and re-installed the DAISY addin. This had no effect. I do not get the Translator form when I hit the Save as DAISY button. The button and Accessebility bar are both present and seem fine besides the missing Translator form. Now, I have no idea why.

        I'm using Vista + Office 2007, so all pre-reqs should be in place.



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