Use of XSLT for different languages

  • Vineela

    Vineela - 2007-11-19


    We are using an XSLT that transforms the content in document.xml to a XML in DAISY format, according to different tags in document.xml.

    In our XSLT we are handling xml:lang at document level. However, i belive in OpenXML we can have inline languages. How will this effect localization. Any thoughts?


    • Syed

      Syed - 2007-11-19

      Hi Vineela,

      1. Check Daisy Spec's for Language Options.
      2. Check OpenXML Spec's for Language Options.
      3. Try reading different language text in one of the readers?
      2. Check if there is any language specific reader and try downloading it and verify results.

      Best Regards,

    • Goutam Poudel

      Goutam Poudel - 2007-12-08

      Daisy file format supports 3 different levels of language.

      1) Package level which is represented as dc:language in the head section(metadata).
      2) Document level language which is represented as xml:lang as an attribute in <dtbook> element.
      3) Inline language which is represented as xml:lang and can be added as an attribute in any DTBook element like <p xml:lang="en-US">.

      Openxml supports both Package level language represented as dc:language present in core.xml file and inline language represented as <w:lang> present in document.xml.
      So, i think language transformation can be easily handled.


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