• friendlytiger

    friendlytiger - 2008-02-11

    As indicated in the authoring instructions, multi-level lists are currently mangled - I presume that this will be fixed in a future version. For numbered lists is the type of numbering going to get translated over (decimal, lower-alpha, etc.)? Will the numbering and bulleting of lists be in a form so that the appropriate software/hardware with tts can read them properly? I've played with daisy creation/reading software in the past that hasn't been at all satisfactory for lists, and they're obviously really important in the production of teaching materials.

    • senthil

      senthil - 2008-02-19

      Regarding the multi level lists, we are handling all type of multi level lists except 6th options and ther shouldn't be any issue. if you find any issues please log it.

      in Home tab of word 2007, you will be seeing "Paragraphs" group of buttons. In the the third button is multi level list. if you click on the multi level list you will be seeing List Library. sixth one is that is of Type "1. Heading1 , 1.1 Headin2". This is the case we are not handling as lists. all other multilevel lists should work.

      Numbering and bulleting of lists are reader dependent. for example if you are having a ordered list, Book wizard will not preset any numbers, where Dolphin reader will produce the numbers.

      • friendlytiger

        friendlytiger - 2008-02-19

        thanks for the reply. A couple of points:

        1. As far as I can see the current xml ouput doesn't indicate the type of numbering in an ordered list, eg whether it's 1,2,3.. or a,b,c... etc.

        2. You can also create multilevel lists using the styles list number, list number 2, etc.
        as described in the list section of:
        Multi-level lists created by using this method are not translated properly. This Word mvp site seems to be highly respected, so my guess is that many people use this method.


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